Exclusive wallpapers for iPhone [Free]

Exclusive wallpapers for iPhone [Free] Today practically every second mobile phone user owns iPhone. Unfortunately, the built-in wallpapers iPhone do not please with variety and special originality. Of course, you can use the built-in camera and set your favorite picture as wallpaper. Or you can even download the wallpaper via the Internet. But this is all so long and difficult. App Store has something interesting for those who want to show off the originality of wallpaper in their iPhone. The app for iPhone 'Exclusive wallpapers' will help you to do it easily, quickly and simply. Exclusive wallpapers for iPhone [Free] We launch the application and new wallpapers are immediately presented to our attention! By the way, the application contains 500 wallpapers of different direction, color and theme! An impressive figure! To view the wallpaper, you can simply flip through the images like regular photos. Or view several at once in the form of a list. To do this, you need to click on the corresponding icon in the lower left corner of the screen (be careful, the buttons are very small). Exclusive wallpapers for iPhone [Free] You can also turn on a slideshow by clicking on the 'play' button. Exclusive wallpapers for iPhone [Free] By the way, since we're talking about control, everything in the application is very simple and even primitive: the application contains only four buttons. Scrolling was discussed above. In the upper right corner there is a button with information about the application. By the way, there is also an opportunity to go to the official website, Facebook or Twitter. Exclusive wallpapers for iPhone [Free] If you click on the 'like' icon in the lower right corner, you can send your favorite wallpaper by mail (it is not clear just why such an icon). Exclusive wallpapers for iPhone [Free] As for setting wallpaper on your phone, a button with a 'save' icon will come to your aid. Yes, yes, the picture you like is saved to the phone gallery, and from there it can already be set as wallpaper. The functionality is small, but its main task is to diversify your iPhone with new and interesting wallpapers – the application does it with 'Hurray'!

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