Expand your horizons with the updated PanoLab Pro 1.1 app.

Expand your horizons with the updated PanoLab Pro 1.1 app.

The famous free multimedia application for iPhone among professional photographers and amateurs – PanoLab Pro – was thoroughly 'combed' by the developers from Originate Labs and released the other day in version 1.1.

How much has this application expanded for capturing and processing panoramic images?

As a reminder, the original PanoLab Pro free software for users iPhone had a number of attractive features for amateur photographers:

– Allowed to create multi-layered panoramic images in high resolution for devices in 2008 (1024×768);

– had a user-friendly interface, although there were significant shortcomings. In particular, it was impossible to expect that the autosave mode would work if the user urgently needed to return to the main menu iPhone.

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– unlike other similar applications, working on the principle of 'collage', it really 'broadened the horizons' for a fuller, panoramic coverage of the captured landscape. Including the ability to correct linear projection in the process to create several photos at the same time, starting with shooting at the desired angle and gradually expanding the panoramic view.

– thus, it was possible to combine into a panoramic collage from 2 to 30 photos (both vertical and horizontal images), taken from different angles and with different perspectives.

It is not surprising that PanoLab Pro is so popular with photo-maniacs. However, the developers did not stop there and improved the application, having thoroughly 'stuffed' it with new options:

1) In version 1.1, it became possible to auto-save any number of files for subsequent editing and displaying captured photos in 3D mode. Application memory mode has also been improved.

2) Expanded options for exporting photos in the desired user resolution: from 640×480 to 1920×1080.

3) Added the so-called 'exposure adjustment' function. Which allows you to adjust the angle of the desired exposure and contrast manually (which can be appreciated by professionals) or in automatic mode (for everyone else).

PanoLab Pro 1.1. available for $ 4.99 on iTunes. The initial free version of the program can be found there.

Install from AppStore: PanoLab

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