Explanatory dictionary them. Dahl

Explanatory dictionary them.  Dahl

At all times, people who were able to clearly and accurately express their thoughts in words were considered educated and literate. But an educated person can be not only one who has received a higher education. People with two and three college crusts do not always have a broad outlook and vocabulary. At the same time, a person who loves to read, or at least is interested in new knowledge, will undoubtedly be educated.

To help those people who would like to learn the meaning of unfamiliar words, as well as pupils and students who simply need it during their studies, an application was developed based on the explanatory dictionary named after Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl.

This program includes 44626 words from the second edition of the 'Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language. Dahl '. The program interface is designed in the form of convenient tabs. They will include five menu items: alphabet, search, history, favorites, info.

More details:

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– 'Alphabet'. Here it is possible to find the desired word by initial letter.

– 'Search'. Carried out in all sections of the dictionary.

– 'History'. Provides viewing of the last 200 words found.

– 'Favorites'. Contains up to 200 bookmarks for pages with the meaning of the desired words.

– 'Info'. General information about the application and its authors.

Install from AppStore: Explanatory Dictionary named after. Dahl

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