Facebomb – Change faces [Free]

Facebomb - Change faces [Free] Sometimes you want fun and laughter. And Facebomb will help with this. This program for iphone exchanges people's faces, and automatically. And sometimes, he does it so skillfully that you can believe in the change. Despite the free program, it works fine. Let's get down to business. We took the usual picture from Men in Black. Facebomb - Change faces [Free] Next, with very simple manipulations, we change faces. Facebomb - Change faces [Free] When turned on, we get this interface. In order to change faces – you need to select a photo from the film. You can click on Library and select a photo from the library, you can also pull a photo from Facebook or take a snapshot. Facebomb - Change faces [Free] Once you have selected a photo you need to click on the big orange button to change the faces. And if you press the Share button, you can share the photo with your friends. Facebomb - Change faces [Free] You can share in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, send by e-mail or save to camera roll. Facebomb - Change faces [Free] Facebomb - Change faces [Free] Here's what happened! The program automatically changed faces among themselves. Facebomb - Change faces [Free] More functions: You can enlarge the photo with Pinch (fingers in different directions), as well as free face transformation (if you press and hold your finger on the face).


A good program that cheers you up if you have nothing to do and are boring. You may get an excellent photo, or maybe not … However, the program is recommended by us for downloading, especially since it is Free.

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