Fetch – help your furry friend!

Fetch - help your furry friend! There are games, after the launch of which the time begins to fly completely imperceptibly, and when everything has already been passed, it even becomes somehow sad that the story is over. Fetch is one of these games for iPhone, made with some special warmth and vitality, and looks more like an animated film than a mobile application … This is a story about a boy Milo and his best friend, the dog Bear, who kidnapped by a robotic fire hydrant one night. That's when the adventure begins, during which you will need to find enough courage in yourself to save your best friend! Fetch - help your furry friend! The world of Fetch is interactive and can be interacted with in a variety of ways. For example, approaching a slot machine, the main character, together with a dog, can fight aliens in the form of a side quest. It's a mixture of puzzle and arcade mini-games mix. Fetch - help your furry friend! Fetch - help your furry friend! To access a new location, as a rule, it is required to solve a certain riddle by collecting objects and manipulating the external environment. Moreover, the riddles are quite interesting and not too complicated, which makes Fetch an interesting game for both children and adults. And these same locations are drawn no worse than in the cartoons of the Pixar studio, for example, a pirate bay with colorful parrots, or a sewer inhabited by singing bats and a huge alligator. Fetch - help your furry friend! Each next level can be replayed, and although individually they seem simple, in the general context we get an excellent animated adventure and a delightful walk with our hero and his four-legged friend. Fetch - help your furry friend! Almost everywhere you will be surrounded by things with which you can interact. Click on a road sign and its backlight will turn on, bubbles will burst under your finger, and trees and bushes will sway in the wind. Fetch is a beautiful fairy tale worth introducing your children to and definitely worth the money.

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