Figure – music from under your fingers

Figure - music from under your fingers

Figure - music from under your fingers

The emergence of App Store and the active collaboration of developers with it provided new opportunities for creative people. Taking the Figure app for iPhone, for example, we have a great tool for creating simple musical compositions.

Yes, of course, Figure is far from the best option for writing music. But for creating small snippets or loops, Figure is just perfect. The secret is simplicity, the main thing is patience.

Figure - music from under your fingers

The fact is that each user discovers Figure for himself. The application provides the main melody with one sound, which the user himself will fill with the rest of the components. True, before that you should set the main settings: track speed, tonality, set equalizers.

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Then the matter is small. As usual, the whole track is filled with different samples. So here too, the developers offer us bass, drums and treble. Each of them has its own additional sounds and settings, which can be adjusted and adjusted in every possible way, increasing the speed and pace.

Figure - music from under your fingers

The bottom line is that during the recording of a melody, the sounds are superimposed on each other and you can get an amazing result – an interesting melody.

But let's be honest, for this you need to understand all the intricacies of the application. It's not really difficult, but a tiny change results in a different sound. And this is the most difficult thing, since it is impossible to listen to all the variants.

Fortunately, convenient control and a pleasant interface contribute to the 'friendliness' of Figure. As we said above, it is difficult to call the application a real tool for work, but it is quite easy to record a loop, or a small excerpt, because you can do this even on public transport.

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Price: $ 0.99.

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