Filterstorm 2.6 is a real boon for photographers

Filterstorm 2.6 is a real boon for photographers

Regularly, device developers Apple pamper photographers, both amateurs and professionals, with excellent niche apps. As an example, the new version of Filterstorm 2.6 immediately comes to mind, which is very often called mobile Photoshop.

With this universal editor for processing ready-made photos, owners iPhone can add any effects or resize images without the help of programs on a computer. In the future, the processed photos can be sent over the Internet to friends, including social networks, or using a local FTP server.

You can upload images to Filterstorm either from the clipboard by copying a web photo, or directly from your library iPhone.

Filterstorm 2.6 is a real boon for photographers

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The interface of the program is also very convenient, especially for people who are still far from professional photo editing skills. There are 2 categories: these are the photo canvas settings and, in fact, the filters and effects themselves. For Photoshop users, for example, it is already clear – to change the borders, size and finish of the photo, you need to use the settings from the first category, numerous filters will cope with the rest. The developers allow, among other things, to 'play' with sharpness, contrast, brightness and blur correction, convincing that using Filterstorm it is quite possible to build HDR from a regular photo.

Whether this is so in reality, you can check for yourself, as well as the 'actions' function – for processing and viewing several photos in the editor at once.

Filterstorm 2.6 is a real find for photographers

The new version further enhances the already perfect program, so if taking photos is your hobby, this application should already be installed on your phone.

Developer: Tai Shimizu

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.2.

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