Fit Woman – be fit [Free]

Fit Woman - be fit [Free] Girls, I appeal to you: do you want to always be in great physical shape? Even if you do not have time or money to visit a fitness center, App Store and the app for iPhone 'Fit Woman' will help you to acquire and maintain a toned body! 'Fit Woman' contains a very large number of all kinds of exercises, the possibility of drawing up an individual training program and ready-made workouts. But everything is not so simple here: if you have a free application, then only exercises and their descriptions and some programs are available to you, the rest can be bought for 33 rubles. But if you are the owner of the Pro version, then all 33 pleasures are available to you! Fit Woman - be fit [Free] We launch and immediately see the rich interface of the application. On the top panel, select the zone that we would like to work on, and then select the appropriate exercises from the proposed catalog. Fit Woman - be fit [Free] A list is created from the selected exercises. Fit Woman - be fit [Free] Conveniently, the app is capable of playing exercise instruction videos. This is more likely to do the exercise correctly. Fit Woman - be fit [Free] In the individual training mode, you must set your parameters (height, weight, age, problem areas) before starting the training. Fit Woman - be fit [Free] In ready-made workouts, all training programs are divided into three groups: beginner, intermediate and super – it all depends on your sports training. We choose the level of training and a set of exercises that suits you, and start training. Fit Woman - be fit [Free] I also advise you to look into the 'more', there you will find not only information about the developers of the application and links to similar applications, but also various interesting articles on sports topics: 'Water and food', 'Breathing', 'Mood' and so on. Fit Woman - be fit [Free] In general, 'Fit Woman' contains everything you need to help a representative of the fair sex to stay in shape without serious investment of time and money!

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