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Flamp - assistant in choosing [Free] Often, built-in maps in iOS cannot solve the questions of a city dweller, for example, 'Where to go to eat?' or 'Where is the nearest supermarket or pharmacy located'. While it won't be difficult for Westerners to find answers to these questions, there are very few such services for Russia. We will talk about one of these today, namely Flamp. Flamp - assistant in choosing [Free] The Flamp concept is that you enter your request, and then the program will suggest you the nearest establishments that certify your requirements. Unlike other services, Flamp's goal is not to display a detailed map of the area with establishments, but to use user reviews that rate a given place. The bottom line is that after you have gone, for example, to a restaurant, then after that you can leave a review about it and rate it on a five-point scale. This is necessary so that the next visitors know in advance all the disadvantages and advantages of this place. Flamp - assistant in choosing [Free] The program interface is very simple, there are no unnecessary buttons and elements. The main screen of the program consists of a search field and a list of returned results. The program automatically detects your geolocation to filter out the places closest to you. To find the place you want, simply enter a word or phrase in the search field, for example 'pizza'. Then the program will suggest places close to you. When making your choice, you can take into account the reviews and ratings about this restaurant that were left by other users, in addition, the program has the ability to leave photos taken in this place. Flamp - assistant in choosing [Free] In order to be able to leave your comments and photos, you need to register in Flamp or log in using VKontakte, Facebook or Twitter. After that, you can see the places your friends have visited and what reviews they left. It turns out that Flamp is a kind of social network of reviews and ratings of various institutions.

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