Flash in iPhone is a plugin for Safary. [Cydia]

Flash in iPhone is a plugin for Safary.  [Cydia] Adobe and Apple still can't agree on the use of flash on mobile devices. That is why this application did not appear in the appStore, but is only available for jailbreak phones from the Cydia program. Safary plugin displays flash content on html pages. Unlike the Skyfire browser, it displays all flash elements, not just video. It works not very stable, crashes when viewing huge pop-up banners. But in general, this is a perfectly working version of flash for iPhone. Flash player download and install as on a regular computer, in the case of iPhone will not work. The safari plugin is installed via Cydia and uninstalled as well. If your goal is simply to watch movies on sites, then the flash player is not needed in this case. Many sites with cinematic content adapt to the client's device and display films in the format you need. But if you want to play flash toys, then you can't do without a player.

Installed like this:

Open Cydia Click the manage tab Click the Sources button Flash in iPhone is a plugin for Safary.  [Cydia] Click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then the Add button (upper left corner) Enter the line of the repo address http://repo.benm.at/ and click Add. Flash in iPhone is a plugin for Safary.  [Cydia] Return to the main menu and click the Sections tab. Select the BENM Tweaks folder and install the plugin. I also recommend installing Frash Toggle, this utility will allow you to enable and disable the plugin whenever you want. Flash in iPhone is a plugin for Safary.  [Cydia]

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