Flight Unlimited 2K16 – for sky lovers

Flight Unlimited 2K16 - for sky lovers Flight simulators belong to the genre of games that has not lost its popularity in App Store. And if you are one of those people who loves to control the steering wheel of an airplane more than running around with an assault rifle in shooters, take a look at Flight Unlimited 2K16. The developers of this game tried to implement the best features of the genre in it, and I must say, they really managed to surprise their fans. This is a flight simulator for iPhone, in which a lot of attention is paid to details – drawing the cockpit, changing time of day and weather conditions, 8 available aircraft to choose from, various game modes and story missions, and the flight physics itself was developed with the participation of experts in the field of aviation. Control is carried out using an accelerometer, and in the trainer after the first launch, you have to master its features, performing a seemingly simple task – to land a passenger plane at the San Francisco airport. Flight Unlimited 2K16 - for sky lovers True, as it turned out a minute later, it turned out to be simple only at first glance, and you will have to practice a couple of times so as not to contemplate the wreckage of your ship somewhere in the coastal waters. Flight Unlimited 2K16 - for sky lovers One of the features of the game is the locations recreated on the basis of detailed satellite maps of the area. You will be able to fly over the Bay of San Francisco and Switzerland, participate in a mission to rescue hostages from Alcatraz prison, try yourself as a captain of a passenger airliner, a fighter pilot, and even fly a B2 bomber. Flight Unlimited 2K16 - for sky lovers You can control the camera, play with the graphics quality settings, choosing the best ones for your device, different missions are available to choose from, in which you have to control different types of aircraft. This adds zest, because the management of a passenger airliner and a simple hang glider are radically different! Flight Unlimited 2K16 - for sky lovers Flight Unlimited 2K16 - for sky lovers Of course, there were some minor flaws. These include special C-grade sound effects and small controls that will take some getting used to. But, this still has little effect on the general experience, and after 15 minutes of training, you, most likely, will simply stop paying attention to it. Some reviewers call Flight Unlimited 2K16 one of the most beautiful games in App Store, and it's hard to disagree. The quality of the visual effects here is really at their best, and the potential iOS of the devices is revealed to the maximum.

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