Flip Diving – original diving stimulant

Flip Diving - original diving stimulant Whom in our time will you surprise with the next car or flight simulator? Players want not so much special effects as just originality. The amazingly successful goat simulator – Goat Simulator – is a great example of this. The creators of Flip Diving, of course, are not so radical in their views on the worlds, however, their product will also pleasantly surprise you … This game for iPhone is a diving simulator in which you have more than 50 platforms for jumping, and the ability to choose different divers, each of which has their own abilities, and their physique and other characteristics affect the physics. If you wish, you can try to show the master class even in a penguin costume: Flip Diving - original diving stimulantFlip Diving - original diving stimulant For a successful jump, you are credited with coins that can be earned by watching ads, if you want to speed up the passage – for this you need to press the 'Watch video' button after the jump. For each viewed video, 9 coins are added to the balance. Flip Diving - original diving stimulant The main condition for a successful jump is to plunge into the water in any way, except for falling on the stomach and back. Also, do not forget to be careful not to land on the rock. One tap on the screen is enough to choose a direction, and after you release, your hero will jump. With each successful jump, you will be able to climb higher and higher on the platform. And if you tap the screen twice in flight, you can perform a flip or other trick. As you play, you can unlock new tricks and moves. Flip Diving - original diving stimulantFlip Diving - original diving stimulant And it seems that there is nothing special about Flip Diving, but it turned out to be an interesting time killer. With only one diver, it would quickly get bored, but the ability to choose a pitching guy, a businessman or an eccentric in a teddy bear suit instead of an ordinary guy is amusing in itself. Moreover, it will be possible to jump not only from a cliff, but also from trees, buildings and even a balloon. This is a really good game if you are looking for an unpretentious arcade game that allows you to relax for 15 minutes in your spare time. And since Flip Diving is also a free app, it's well worth the download recommendation.

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