Flipagram – short video from photos [Free]

Flipagram - short video from photos [Free]

Recently, a funny application Flipagram appeared on the open spaces of mobile App Store, which allows you to create small videos directly from photos on iPhone. The essence of this program is that we can make a slideshow with a fixed scrolling speed, if we wish, we can provide our video with a caption, insert music and choose the time. There is also a button for creating 15-second videos, which is very important for amateurs Instagram.

Flipagram - short video from photos [Free] Flipagram - short video from photos [Free]

The application is made in design IOS 7, very few controls, but enough to create a slideshow.

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I was very pleased with Flipagram's capabilities, the editor can import videos from gallery, albums Facebook, and you can also create video stories from Instagram. In the process of creating a video, we can select a sequence of shots, crop any shot to a 1×1 aspect ratio, and also select the background color of the images in the settings: white or black.

Flipagram - short video from photos [Free]

At the final stage of editing your video, you can add music of your choice, you can import it from the memory of the device itself or find it right in Flipagram itself. Next, we can make a name and a watermark for the picture, it is worth noting that there are various fonts for the labels to choose from.

Flipagram - short video from photos [Free]

The finished video can be saved to the library, sent by mail or uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, while if you send a video to Instagram, the program itself sets its size is 15 seconds.

Flipagram - short video from photos [Free]

Finally, I want to say that I liked the application, because here you can easily make a colorful video and immediately post it to your friends on social networks.

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