Flipcase – Unusual use of the cover for iPhone 5c

Flipcase - Unusual use of the cover for iPhone 5c On October 10 of this year, along with the budget version of the smartphone iPhone 5c, the company Apple also announced covers for the new item. The cases are made of silicone and are available in six vibrant colors. They feature not only bright colors, but also unique circular holes on the back. The developers of the Flipcase application have found an unusual use for the new case. The developers offer to put on a case on the screen iPhone 5c and start the Flipcase game, which can already be downloaded from the online store App Store. The essence of the game is simple – place four balls of the same color in a row vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Moreover, Flipcase is designed for several users who must play it in turn. Before the start of the game, the players choose the color of the chips, which they will then “move” in turn. The winner is the one who first places all four circles in one row. The game is simple, but it will allow you to relax and while away the time. The Flipcase app is designed specifically to play on iPhone 5c, but is also compatible with smartphones iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 on iOS 7. Download it is available for free now from the online store App Store. VIDEO:

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