Font Monsters – Finger Warm Up

Font Monsters - Finger Warm Up Font Monsters is a fun game where you have to destroy a monster consisting of various characters. In order to cope with the enemy, you need to type on the keyboard those characters that make up the monster. It should be noted that this genre of games is quite rare on iPhone, but the game already has a whole army of fans. As we have already said, you need to deal with the monster by pressing the characters of which it consists on the keyboard. If you make mistakes or react too slowly, then your opponent will attack first, thereby taking away your energy. If you run out of energy, then you will be forced to start the level from the very beginning. If we talk about the graphics, then it looks rather faded. However, we all know that there are a huge number of fans of classic games in the world. That is why the developers made a similar design – fans of Gameboy and other similar gaming platforms will be very pleased. Unfortunately, Font Monsters is not very original and, perhaps, the application may soon bore you. The game consists of 5 full levels with 15 or more monsters. Of the minuses, it is also worth noting the musical accompaniment, which does not change throughout the game. You can download the game Font Monsters from the AppStore for $ 1.99. Font Monsters - Finger Warm UpFont Monsters - Finger Warm Up

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