Free audiobooks and more than 4000 Audiobooks in VoxClub for iPhone and iPad

Free audiobooks and more than 4000 Audiobooks in VoxClub for iPhone and iPad When installing the application, each user receives 5 books as a gift, and every week we give out new books for free. Free books are in the 'My Books' section. 'VoxClub Audiobooks' is a popular free to download application that allows you to select and download audiobooks. More than 100 hits have been added to the app this week, such as '50 Shades of Gray', 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', 'Twilight', 'Borderlands, Outpost'. 'Crimea Island', 'Future', 'Part of Europe. History of the Russian state. From the origins to the Mongol invasion ',' Inferno ',' Steve Jobs. Leadership Lessons', 'Fiery Finger' and many others. Free audiobooks and more than 4000 more Audiobooks in VoxClub for iPhone and iPad VoxClub is a pocket library for every modern book lover who has a gadget to install the app. It doesn't matter which brand of technology you prefer – there are no boundaries for literature lovers, because the VoxClub application is developed for devices from the company Apple, for gadgets that work with the system Android, as well as for the more familiar for users of laptops and computers of the system Windows. Free audiobooks and more than 4000 more Audiobooks in VoxClub for iPhone and iPad The main advantage of VoxClub services is an incredibly extensive library, which contains over 4000 audiobooks. It includes works of the classics of world fiction, memoirs and biographies of great people, collections of aphorisms and quotes, books about business and leisure, children's fairy tales and science fiction, encyclopedias and useful advice. Those who love to learn and expand their horizons will not be able to pass by educational literature, phrasebooks and dictionaries of foreign languages. Among the classic and modern bestsellers that VoxClub offers are works by Alexander Solzhenitsin, Mikhail Bulgakov, Stephenie Meyer, E.L. James, Dan Brown. The list of audio publications in the VoxClub catalog is constantly growing, additions appear in the 'New' section on a regular basis, so you definitely won't be bored without new, exciting and useful books. Free audiobooks and more than 4000 more Audiobooks in VoxClub for iPhone and iPad The app developers collaborate with leading publishers, so the list of new products always includes bestsellers that are popular in almost all countries of the world. The best books about psychology, business, healthy lifestyles and self-development come to the library directly from the authors. VoxClub guarantees you excellent quality for every audiobook. All editions are dubbed by professional announcers, each book is accompanied by a description, cover picture. Before downloading a file, you will know how long it will take to listen to it. The application itself is very easy to use. The books that you can choose to download are divided into corresponding sections in the detailed catalog It is very easy to navigate in it. In addition, the best-selling and most popular titles are in the Hits section, and the additions in the New Releases section. Look for the audiobooks you have chosen to download in My Books. Separately, it should be said about, perhaps, the most attractive section for users – 'Free books'. The VoxClub app loves to give gifts, so from the moment of installation a small free library will be available to you, in which you can find a suitable book, even if finances temporarily limit your choice. Since the end of 2013, there is a perpetual promotion for registered users – every week a free audiobook! Free books will not disappoint readers, as their assortment is constantly updated. In order to receive book gifts weekly, you need to go through the simplest registration procedure on the website. In addition to pleasant bonuses, registration gives you the opportunity to always be confident in your purchase. If you have purchased a new gadget or updated the version of the system, your books will not be lost or lost. In your personal account, you can restore all purchases at any time without investing a single penny. In addition, many users have confirmed that the built-in player of the VoxClub application is one of the most user-friendly audiobooks to listen to. For example, you can start listening to any chapter you like and listen to it without interruption, or you can skip along the audio track exactly 15 or 30 seconds forward and backward. And if you had to interrupt in the middle of a chapter, or you liked an idea, leave a bookmark with your comment. Thanks to this function, you can at any time exactly the place from which you want to resume listening. VoxClub app welcomes spring with a new interface that made the library even more convenient and attractive. Join VoxClub users and don't part with books even for a minute.

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