Fruit Ninja: Fingers – Knives [Hit]

Fruit Ninja: Fingers - Knives [Hit] Fruit Ninja: Fingers - Knives [Hit] Longtime hit App Store. And it will probably be so until every owner iPhone installs this program for himself. The colorful and engaging game Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane, Australia and was released in April 2010. The criterion for the success of the game was the figure of 20 million – such a total sales volume on platforms of all types was recorded in March 2011. Today this number is 300 million. What is the secret of success? … Fruit Ninja: Fingers - Knives [Hit] Distant and mysterious Japan with an ancient culture and mentality has always attracted residents of other continents. A spacious Kimono, sushi melting in your mouth, scorching sake, cherry blossoms, martial arts, brave ninja and many more mysteries remain only a partially revealed secret of Japan … The game developers were right when they made the main character of Fruit Ninja a fearless little Japanese fighter. The funny little man seemed to have escaped from Japanese anime and settled in our devices. The object of the game is to cut as many fruits as possible with a katana (blade), ignoring the bombs. By sliding your fingers across the screen, you can feel like a real dexterous ninja, but be careful – only 3 misses, and the game is over … Beware of bombs – one wrong move, and the game is also over … It would seem that everything is quite simple, but with an increase in the speed of tossing fruit, the probability of hitting a juicy fruit and not running into explosives drops dramatically. Fruit Ninja: Fingers - Knives [Hit] The indisputable advantages of the game: Graphics, graphics and more graphics. Realism of fruits and bright colors, juice of breaking fruits flowing down the screen … Several modes – classic, arcade, Zen mode (game against time) and multiplayer. Local multiplayer support for iPad – the game screen is divided into 2 fields, allowing players to wage a fruit battle on one iPhone. Simplicity and accessibility for both children and adults. Low cost of the game combined with a gripping storyline. It is simply impossible to stop! Of course, pessimists may note the monotony of the game, but let's be optimists – the game is the game, and hard training leads our funny hero to victory! If you have not tested Fruit Ninja yet, you will soon install this application for yourself on iPhone 🙂

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