FSPlayer – Advanced Video Streaming Player [Free]

FSPlayer - Advanced Video Streaming Player [Free] This app for iPhone appeared in App Store recently, and stands out among others in that it understands almost all video formats, and also allows you to listen to audio files and view images. Including such popular formats as AVI and MKV – for FSPlayer, it is not a problem at all, which is pleasantly surprising if you remember that the program is completely free. If you belong to the category of those owners iOS – devices that do not accept compromises in terms of functionality, you should definitely pay attention to FSPlayer – a player that can play multimedia from almost anywhere, both from the device itself and from cloud storage. FSPlayer - Advanced Video Streaming Player [Free] You may, of course, be confused by the fact that after launch, the first thing you see is just a gray screen. But after reading the caption 'Your list is empty. Please upload the files … 'it becomes clear that you just need to upload the video for viewing first. Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner, and we see options pleasing to the eye – from local storage to cloud services: Filestream.me, Dropbox and Google Drive. What else does a user need to be happy?) It took me only a few seconds to connect to my Dropbox account, and now I can enjoy watching videos from my cloud collection. FSPlayer - Advanced Video Streaming Player [Free] If desired, you can download a part of the multimedia collection to your device, and carefully sort each type of files into folders. FSPlayer - Advanced Video Streaming Player [Free] Interestingly, FSPlayer also supports file transfer via FTP, turning your iPhone into a fully functional FTP server with its own IP address, where you can transfer the necessary files over Wi-Fi directly from your computer, without the need to connect to cable and using iTunes. To do this, simply enter the IP address that the application will give you into the address bar of a browser, for example Chrome, and the contents of this application on your device will open in front of you, where you can transfer new files. FSPlayer - Advanced Video Streaming Player [Free] But, one of the most impressive features of this player is the support for UPnP / DLNA protocols, with which you can broadcast the playback of media content from your device to others that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This could be a computer, Smart TV, HDMI media player, etc. Thus, we have before us a truly universal application, which also offers all the listed features for free. So if you are looking for a good player for your iPhone, FSPlayer is definitely worth paying attention to.

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