Gaia GPS: to help tourists and car enthusiasts

Gaia GPS: to help tourists and car enthusiasts If you travel a lot, then you can't do without GPS. For owners iPhone, in this regard, there are no problems with a variety of special navigation applications, both paid and free, which greatly simplify life not only for travelers, but also for motorists. And against the background of numerous navigation programs, the Gaia GPS application remains one of the undisputed leaders. What can Gaia GPS do? First, the application is a complete and multifunctional GPS navigator. During any of your travels, both on foot and by different means of transport, Gaia GPS will become an irreplaceable assistant. Here are the main features of this versatile GPS app: Gaia GPS: to help tourists and car enthusiasts – download the necessary maps and routes for viewing offline. Open Street Map is used as a source; – online viewing of topographic maps. For example, to search for the required maps within the United States and Canada, the application offers to use the MyTopo service. Unfortunately, MyTopo cards are only available for the USA and Canada. – automatic recording of all selected routes, travel checkpoints and the creation of photos with geo-tags for the convenience of subsequent systematization and search for the necessary images and locations. – Convenient navigation on the ground and determination of your exact location. – quick search for the desired point or route on the map, as well as viewing reviews about a particular location. – individual user settings, implying changes in the interface, units of measurement, coordinates and sound effects. – Ability to import files in GPX format by email to friends. Gaia GPS: to help tourists and car enthusiasts The latest version of the application has accelerated the process of loading and showing the display of the necessary routes on the maps, and also eliminated all bugs that interfered with the normal operation of the application. Overall, objectively judging, Gaia GPS is one of the most feature rich navigation apps for devices Apple. Developer: TrailBehind Current version: 5.1 Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch as well as iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.0. Install from AppStore

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