GDZ – let me write off homework [Free]

GDZ - let me write off homework [Free] GDZ is an irreplaceable thing for a student! But here's the problem – parents are often against ordinary schoolchildren using this wonderful book! Fortunately, there is a very useful program in App Store called 'GDZ'. The program is undoubtedly necessary, and most importantly convenient, but, by tradition, everything in order. GDZ - let me write off homework [Free] The program for iPhone GDZ is a collection of all kinds of Reshebniks for 5,6,7 and so on, up to grade 11! The program will be useful for schoolchildren: firstly, there is always an opportunity to check the correctness of homework, and secondly, since the program is mobile, you can use the reshebnik not only at home, but also at school (as needed, of course), and in – thirdly, parents may not even know that you have a wonderful application with a solution to all problems! GDZ - let me write off homework [Free] The program is also useful for parents: you will always have the opportunity to check whether your child has done his homework correctly, and besides, it is not necessary to hide the book with the solution, you just need to take the phone with you to work. But back to the program itself. As noted earlier, the program includes a large number of Reshebniks from grades 5 to 11, in various subjects, from mathematics to German! GDZ - let me write off homework [Free] All you need to do is choose a class, subject and the textbook itself. GDZ - let me write off homework [Free] But not everything is so simple – from this moment the most interesting begins: although the application itself is free, the books in it are paid! The prices, however, are not the same as in the bookstore, but all the same, you will have to pay at least 33 rubles to get answers to at least one textbook. Still, this turn of events is not very pleasant. GDZ - let me write off homework [Free] In conclusion, I will say that the application is still worth installing, at least to test the knowledge of your child. And, you see, 33 rubles is not that much money, so you can make a purchase once.

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