GeoZilla – where are my friends? [Free]

GeoZilla - where are my friends?  [Free] Hello! Today I want to talk about the GeoZilla application, which will help you find out where your friends and family are. Many people know the native application Apple – “My friends”, but GeoZilla significantly surpasses it in functionality. There are notifications about geolocation events to help ensure the safety of your loved ones … GeoZilla - where are my friends?  [Free] The main feature of this application is intelligent hints in case something goes wrong. For example, if something goes wrong and someone from your family does not spend the night at home, the application will send you an alert. At the same time, you do not need to manually drive in the “home” point, Geozilla analyzes the standard human behavior and gives you hints based on this analysis. Another insanely handy feature of the app is location-based reminders. For example: you can ask yourself a reminder “Buy bread when I am near this store”. Thus, the reminder will open on time. GeoZilla - where are my friends?  [Free]GeoZilla - where are my friends?  [Free] It is possible to create separate groups, for example – “My family”, add people to them (or send an invitation to contacts) and follow the movements of certain groups. GeoZilla - where are my friends?  [Free] The app also has a chat, so you don't need to go anywhere, you can send a private message, or write to a conversation right here. GeoZilla - where are my friends?  [Free] Well, GeoZilla is a really handy app, you will appreciate it even if you don't need to follow someone. Well, if you have children, then you will appreciate the need for this program.

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