Getting to know Yandex Music

Every year it gets harder and harder to find a free music listening app. Old options, such as the Vkontakte social network, have ceased to delight users with more or less normal music, limiting almost completely access to it without a subscription. Therefore, more and more people stop pirating and subscribe to the service that provides music. Yandex Music is one of the most popular in our country. Let's take a closer look at what he offers.

When logging in for the first time, the user is asked to select a Yandex account among those that have ever been entered in the Safari browser or other company applications. If nothing was found, it is suggested to log in through Vkontakte, Facebook, or create an account for Yandex itself.

Getting to know Yandex Music

After successfully logging into the system through social networks or an existing Yandex account, the application will check the user's audio recordings on the pages, or remember what he listened to through the service on the web version. Based on this data, several playlists are created with tracks similar in genre. New members of the service will have to indicate their own musical preferences.

Getting to know Yandex Music

In total, the application has four main sections. Let's deal with each in order.

Section 'Main'

The user meets the 'Main' section. Here you will find popular playlists, new items from various authors and the so-called Chart, which contains a list of the most listened to songs in recent years.

Getting to know Yandex Music

Section 'Recommendations'

The second section is 'Recommendations'. Here the user can find similar tracks to those that he usually listens. In addition to songs, there are also entire playlists collected from random songs that the user has played recently.

Getting to know Yandex Music

Section 'My Music'

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The main section is 'My Music'. This is where the entire library is located, sorted by album and artist. Here you can find even the last listened songs and downloaded tracks.

Getting to know Yandex Music

An equally important point is 'Search'. From here, the user gets access to a huge database of songs, which is broken down by genre. After choosing a direction, a person sees the most popular tracks of the genre, the best albums and artists.

Getting to know Yandex Music

In addition to these sections, there are two more minor ones – 'Settings' and 'Profile'. In the first one, the basic settings of the application take place, such as the choice of the sound quality of the songs, and the network through which the work will be carried out (Wi-Fi with LTE, just Wi-Fi or Offlie).

Social network accounts are also linked here. This is necessary so that your friends who use the service sometimes receive recommendations with interesting songs. An interesting point is the ability to add songs to the library not only from the application database, but also those that are uploaded to the phone itself and to Yandex Disk.

Getting to know Yandex Music

In the 'Profile' menu, the type of subscription is selected, gift codes are entered and the account is changed if necessary.

Getting to know Yandex Music

Pros and cons of the program

After a detailed study of the application, let's move on to its pros and cons. Let's start with the positives:

  1. Huge musical base. Here you can find almost all the songs of both famous and not quite performers. And these will not be some stupid mixes, but original versions.
  2. Nice and intuitive interface. Even an inexperienced user, immediately after installing the application, can easily start searching for songs of interest and making playlists.
  3. Choice of sound quality. Users who have limited internet traffic can enjoy their favorite tracks with lower quality sound. Hardly anyone will feel a special difference in sound, and traffic will be saved decently.
  4. Extensive interaction with compositions. Having selected a track, the user can add it to the playlist with one touch, view the lyrics of the song, find similar ones in sound and get acquainted with the whole album or artist.
  5. Getting to know Yandex Music

  6. The ability to download music to your device and enjoy it offline. No comment here.
  7. Lots of gift codes from third-party services that give the user access to a free subscription for several months.

Not without its drawbacks. Let's dwell on them in detail:

  1. The most obvious is the subscription cost. A month of access to music costs 229 rubles, and a year – 1790 rubles. For example, Apple Music, which is in no way inferior to Yandex, asks for only 169 rubles for a monthly subscription and 1690 for an annual subscription, and if you are a student of large universities, its cost is reduced to 75 rubles altogether.
  2. Getting to know Yandex Music

    Apple Music subscriptions

    Getting to know Yandex Music

    Yandex Music subscriptions

  3. Lack of so-called 'Family Subscription'. The same Apple Music offers to pay 100 rubles more every month, but it makes it possible to connect five more people to the service, each of whom has a separate media library and recommendations. The most useful option.
  4. If there is no money for a subscription, you will have to put up with a heavily curtailed music base, as well as advertisements that often come out. The disadvantage, of course, is a trifle, because many applications generally do not allow you to do anything without a subscription. However, against the background of free services, all this causes some discomfort.
  5. For a small group of users, the lack of remixes for the tracks will be a minus. They, of course, are available, but only the most famous ones. However, much of what is being played on the radio was not there.

As you can see, there are much more pluses than minuses. From this we conclude that the service is one of the few creations of domestic programmers, for which we are not ashamed.

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