Ghosts of Memories – mystical puzzle

Ghosts of Memories - mystical puzzle Ghosts of Memories is a game for iPhone, in which the main character is a ghost, a sentient but physically invulnerable entity. Four stunning worlds are available here for exploration, and the quests will be enough for many hours of exciting passage … The game begins with an introductory video, which tells the background story, how it all began. A mysterious stranger turns to you for help, imprisoned somewhere in an unknown world, she somehow sends you a staff that opens portals to interreality. You now have the power in your hands that can help set her free. And the call of the heart suggests that this must be done! Ghosts of Memories - mystical puzzle The graphics for Ghosts of Memories and the soundtrack are amazing. However, the developers have tried not only in this regard. Sound and text prompts during the game are accompanied by visual ones, which allows even a person who is completely unfamiliar with the English language to easily understand the gameplay. Ghosts of Memories - mystical puzzle Interactive objects that your character can interact with are labeled with symbols or animations. By tapping on one of them, you can activate one or another opportunity, for example, move stone blocks to move between platforms in order to get to a teleport or other desired object. Isometric worlds with fascinating geometry, and the atmosphere that the developers managed to create – these are the moments that should be especially emphasized in the game. There are many levels here, and the difficulty of the puzzles increases as you progress. Ghosts of Memories - mystical puzzle Although the game is paid, it would be ridiculous to call the amount of 75 rubles a lot. The pleasure you get from completing Ghosts of Memories is worth giving the developers this small sum for their work. Perhaps the only drawback of the game can be called only the demand for resources – devices from iPad 3 / iPhone 5 and newer are supported. If you love puzzles – you should definitely pay attention to this game.

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