Ginger Run – Run, Pichenka, run!

Ginger Run - Run, Pichenka, run! Ginger Run - Run, Pichenka, run! We all remember and love the fairy tale about the gingerbread man (or, as it is more customary for us, Kolobok), who came to life in the oven and began to run away from everyone who met him on the way. But what will happen if the carrot comes to life during the Olympics? Yes, not one, but a whole bunch of live cookies! Of course, they will start competing and defending the colors of their country! We present to your attention an exciting game “Cookie”. Here you can not only set new distance and speed records, but also compete with gingerbread athletes, complete various missions, and also defend the colors of your country in the overall medal standings! Ginger Run - Run, Pichenka, run! And so, about everything in order. The toy is an arcade game in which you have to run through the kitchen, overcoming various obstacles, overtaking rivals and collecting bonuses and game money. A special feature is that the races are held for a while, and you will control the cookie with the help of his steps. In order to better understand the controls when you first start the game, you will be prompted for a tutorial. In order that you do not have to run around the kitchen without a goal, you are presented with missions, for completing which, you will receive game money, as well as various cups, which you can see in the rewards section. There is also a list of opponents you have dealt with, and for the set speed records you will progress to higher leagues of skill. Ginger Run - Run, Pichenka, run! Ginger Run - Run, Pichenka, run! With the help of play money, you can buy various items for cookies in the store, which will help him run longer, faster and collect more bonuses. In addition to gold coins, there are candies in the game, which will be given for completing missions, overtaking rivals – and they can also be found randomly at a distance. They are also required when purchasing various upgrades. In addition to things that can be put on a cookie, there is food. It gives your athlete various bonuses (acceleration, defense), but only for a while. Ginger Run - Run, Pichenka, run! But the most important feature of this game is the medal standings. When you start the game, you will be prompted to select a country whose colors the cookie will protect. Click on the TV next to the distance record on the home screen to see the country scores and even more zealously start to conquer new records and lead your country to victory! Ginger Run - Run, Pichenka, run! The Olympics are over, but the competition will continue! Forward to new records! Install from AppStore

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