GlassSmart – iPhone as Xbox 360 gamepad [Free]

GlassSmart - iPhone as Xbox 360 gamepad [Free] Xbox 360, the most popular video game console, great graphics, and great power. And what has it got to do with iPhone? It turns out iGadget can be used as a gamepad, and not only. SmartGlass is what connects Apple and Microsoft. Great for Xbox users and owners iPhone, the app turns your smartphone into a second screen that intelligently interacts with your Xbox 360 console. Xbox SmartGlass lets your device and TV interact to unleash the full potential of your favorite games. GlassSmart - iPhone as Xbox 360 gamepad [Free] iPhone can be used as a keyboard, it is much more convenient than typing text with a joystick. To use the app, you need to have Xbox Live. If you don't have one, then you need to first create an account Microsoft, then register on Xbox Live. Then you need to log into the account on the set-top box, and when you start the application in the smartphone. Check that the console has permission to connect external devices. To do this: go to settings, system, console settings, connected devices, in the “Xbox SmartGlass applications” section, select “On”. GlassSmart - iPhone as Xbox 360 gamepad [Free] After all of the above iPhone turns into a remote control with many different functions. The smartphone screen will show almost the same as on the TV, only more compact. By pressing the button with the image of a joystick, the control screen opens to us. In the corners of the monitor there are keys “B”, “Y”, “X”, and Xbox, but there is not enough “A”, it is all the rest of the space. GlassSmart - iPhone like Xbox 360 gamepad [Free] To turn pages, you need to move your finger across the screen, in applications where a mouse is used, it will be replaced not by the slider on the gamepad, but by fingers iPhone. Some games in SmartGlass have special features. In general, for those who see the prefix more often than the computer and the street, I recommend installing it.

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