Glazba – VK music player not from App Store [Free]

Glazba player

Don't look for the Glazba player in Apstor, it's not there. Although, thanks to its convenience and functionality, the program could easily reach the TOPs App Store. But the developers decided not to star, and to go into a niche not for everyone, where fame is brought not by a purchased rating, but by word of mouth.
So here's the ultimate music player, or all-in-one music combine. Glazba is an application for iPhone that allows you to listen to VKontakte audio recordings, music from the iTunes library, create playlists and download songs via WiFi. And that is not all…

Glazba interface

When you first start, you are greeted with a blank screen with several tabs. Actually, each of them is responsible for a specific source of music:

Glazba - VK music player not from App Store [Free]

For example, in the 'Folders' section, you can activate WiFi download directly from your browser. An example can be seen in the screenshot below. It all took me less than a minute:

Glazba - VK music player not from App Store [Free]
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In order to listen to your audio recordings from Vkontakte, you will need authorization under your account and the corresponding permission for the application. After that, not only your music will be available to you, but also the songs of your friends and the general feed.

Glazba - VK music player not from App Store [Free]

The player is minimalistic, and from the additional functions there are only repeat and shuffle songs. During playback of any of the songs, a download icon is displayed above its name, clicking on which allows you to download the track to the device. After that it will be available in the 'Downloads' menu:

Glazba - VK music player not from App Store [Free]

And if you want, you can even connect your account in the settings, which will turn Glazba into a single control center for your entire music collection.

Glazba - VK music player not from App Store [Free]

From the unpleasant – a small advertising banner. But for an additional fee, you can turn it off. Or install any ad blocker and fix it radically.

Therefore, I am pleased to add Glazba to the selection of applications for downloading music from VKontakte.

Glazba is installed bypassing App Store, from the official website:

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