GMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

gMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

gMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

Google Music is an advanced cloud service for buying and storing music like iTunes from Apple. It contains almost everything that has ever been recorded in studios since the invention of the gramophone. In addition, you can “merge” all the music that you have on your computer there. This colossus is much larger than Yandex.Music. All fans of the 'cloud' project Google called Google Music can now link their account on this service with their own iPhone using the official application – gMusic. But the service has one but – it does not work in Russia. Access to us is blocked at the IP level. The link opened from a computer in Russia and in the USA will show completely different pages. However, if you want, you can get around this limitation …

To register with gMusic you need an American IP. Only for registration, in the future you can change the address and use the program anywhere. There are many ways to spoof your location. I suggest this – install the TunnelBear program. After creating a free account, you will be taken to the program interface. In the right part of the window, turn the switch to the US position.

gMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

After that, go to with your Google account. You accept the terms of work with the service and the user agreement. That's it, now you don't need TunnelBear, you can delete it.

gMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

To upload your music to cloud servers Google, you need to download Music Manager. Click on the Upload Music option in the upper right corner. Select your music folder and click Upload. In the future, you can download songs from Google Music to any computer or mobile device.

gMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

You shouldn't expect super-unique features from gMusic, because, in fact, the program works like any other built-in player created specifically for iOS, with one difference – the songs are played on your smartphone not from the native media library, but directly from your playlists stored on your account at Google Music. That is, it will be difficult without the Internet, although the gMusic program is able to save and play the music already listened to without connecting to the World Wide Web.

gMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

The interface of the application does not shine with delights, but as a connecting channel between your smartphone and your account in Google Music it will do just fine without overloading the processor iPhone with unnecessary design elements.

Since gMusic is an official application, created with the consent of the owners of Google Music, do not be surprised when you are asked to enter your personal information – username and password to access your web account. Although the password will have to be changed more often, in general, the developers guarantee the safety of your data.

gMusic: access music service Google via iPhone and USA

GMusic options pleasantly surprise with their variety and convenience:

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– simultaneous access to more than 20 thousand songs, if, of course, such a number is found on your page in Google Music;

– while listening, you can use all the main features of the service, for example, creating new playlists, saving and editing compositions and information about them;

– instant connection to your account, which is rare in such programs;

– Convenient built-in search for new songs by artist, song name and genre within Google Music;

– the ability to listen to songs through gMusic in the background while working with other programs on the smartphone.

I am glad that Apple does not ignore the user needs of those owners iPhone who prefer to use not their native 'cloud' service – iCloud, but Google Music.

Developer: IIS

Current version: 1.3

Price: $ 1.99

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.1.

Install from AppStore

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