Godville – It's Good to Be God [Free]

Godville - It's Good to Be God [Free]

Godville - It's Good to Be God [Free]

Would you like to ever feel like a real god, a god in whose honor the hero fights and, praising you, becomes the best among equals? Welcome to the world of Godville! Here you are just such a person … God. This game for iPhone is a kind of mockery of classic RPGs, here you don't need to pump the hero, buy him clothes and a sword or staff, he will do it all himself, your task in the world of Godville is just to be, to be God. The game will be an ideal pastime for people who actually do not have much time, but at the same time are attracted by online games.

And on the first day he created a hero …

Once in the world of the online game Godville, the first thing you need to do is create a hero. But wait, where are the settings for appearance, profession and the like? There are none, just as there is no possibility later to control the actions of the hero. You are God, it is not proper for you to stain your holy hands about some mortals, it is in your power to give the hero a name and give him a motto.

Godville - It's Good to Be God [Free]

Godville - It's Good to Be God [Free]

On the second day something strange happened …

As I said, you cannot control your hero, and you cannot even look at his face, you will say what kind of game it is, when you cannot do anything in it, but do not rush to conclusions. Godville is an online ZPG game, that is, zero-player-game, which leaves its mark on the game process. To be honest, you, as God, have, of course, certain ways of controlling the hero, in this case it is influence. You can do good or bad, the whole problem is that you cannot choose what exactly to do, but this is the point that by throwing lightning at a monster, any God can hook his hero, because everyone can be wrong …

And on the third day God became bored …

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You are bored, there is no one to talk to, but you are God, so speak your voice. An interesting feature of Godville's world is the ability to talk to your hero, give him some commands … which always act in different ways, but you can say whatever your heart desires. Each of your influences, by the way, costs from 5 to 25 points of 'prana', and prana is the equivalent of your hero's prayers. The more he believes in you, the faster prana is restored, and prano accumulators can also be created.

Godville - It's Good to Be God [Free]

Godville - It's Good to Be God [Free]

On Thursday God decided to rest …

In the world of Godville, everything breathes sarcasm, it just so happens that the hero may have a 'cap' on his head, he will be dressed in a 'winter nudist costume', and he will fight as a 'massive frying pan'. Enemies do not lag behind, among them there is 'Terrible Far', 'Wedmed' or 'Devil'.

Having embarked on a journey, the path of your hero will be counted in the number of pillars from the city, along the way he will meet monsters and heroes of other gods, he will find various belongings, money, as well as golden bricks to build a temple in your honor.

The program for iPhone is practically no different from the browser client, which means that if you have already become God, then it will not be difficult for you to be God from your IPhone. The game client can be installed on devices with IOS 3.0 and higher.

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