Golden Eggs – modern chicken Ryaba

Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba The family of games App Store is very large and one of the representatives of this very family is an application for iPhone Golden Eggs. This toy from the genre of “logic” is akin to “Swampy” and “Cut the rope”. The player's task in this case is to help the chicken, the main character, to lay the golden egg, while collecting all 3 stars. Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba Let's start from the very beginning, namely from the main menu, where the main character is presented, vaguely reminiscent of a laying hen (apparently this is how the developments imagine them), but at the same time, everything from that Cut the rope is very similar to Am-yam. We tap on the screen and move on. And then the application takes us from another menu, in which we need to choose what we want to do: play or see what other applications the store offers. But we want to play, so we choose the appropriate team. Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba I don’t know about you, but to me this menu again seems suspiciously similar to Cut the rope. At least the buttons are exactly taken from there. Next, you need to select a box, of which there are only three: – 'barn', 'scene', 'laboratory'. Once again, it makes no sense to talk about the similarity with Cut the rope, see for yourself: Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba Well, God bless him with this similarity. Each box consists of 10 levels. Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba The levels themselves are not particularly difficult, the only thing that needs to be done is to click on the laying hen at the right moment and she will lay the cherished golden egg. Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba Also, some levels suggest some additional elements, such as a stick, which the player controls, and which are designed to help pass the level. Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba I also want to say about some of the developers' flaws. Firstly, the application is not adapted for iPhone 5, which is why it is not very pleasant to play. Secondly, if during the game you want to look at the menu, you will be disappointed in the form of a background screen without buttons and any symbols. Golden Eggs - modern chicken Ryaba But if you do not pay attention to minor flaws and striking similarity to Cut the rope (by the way, this is not necessarily a minus), you can play Golden Eggs and it is very interesting.

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