Google Keep – notes with advanced features [Free]

Google Keep - notes with advanced features [Free] The native Notes app from Apple has grown significantly in functionality lately. Now they can even be synchronized with email services. But competitors are not sitting idle either. At the end of September Google released on iOS an alternative to the usual 'Notes' and many other similar applications. Google Keep for iPhone has much more functionality than just saving text – in addition to regular notes, you can create lists, attach photos and audio recordings, set time reminders. And there are a couple more great tricks … Of course, it was not without synchronization between devices. Nowadays, this is almost a must-have option for any application that targets a wide range of users. Collaboration is a killer feature that can come in handy in a variety of situations. You simply 'share' a particular note with the right people, and they can edit it too. Notes in Google Keep can be organized by color and labels, and then, by the same parameters and type (text, to-do list, audio recordings), you can filter them or quickly find the information you need. Given who the developer of Keep is, it's no surprise that search is one of its greatest strengths. Google Keep - notes with advanced features [Free] The design of the app, as is true for many products Google, is controversial. On the one hand, there is nothing superfluous here and everything is in plain sight. On the other hand, everything is too simple, even a little primitive, and the abundance of bright colors for some users can clearly annoy. An interesting feature of the memo from Google is the ability to enable location based reminders. That is, if you have a visit to, for example, a bookstore on a nearby street in your to-do list, when you pass next to it, a corresponding notification will appear on iPhone. It is unlikely that this will work well in our country, but, in general, the function is quite interesting. Google Keep - notes with advanced features [Free]Google Keep - notes with advanced features [Free] At the same time, against the background of improvements to the system 'Notes' in the new version iOS, the need for an alternative from Google is questionable. The only really significant advantage of Keep is cross-platform – you can access information from your notes through the application on your Android – smartphone or using the browser version on your PC. Google Keep - notes with advanced features [Free] Google Keep, of course, does not claim to be the next killer of EverNote, each of them has its own advantages, and they can get along just fine on the same device. But, if you need to quickly jot down some idea, important information or jot down a list, this application will be very useful.

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