Google Maps returned to App Store

Google Maps returned to App Store Google Maps returned to App Store Good news for all iPhone owners. Updated app Google Maps is now available in App Store. The management Apple decided not to censor a direct competitor of their own map service. For the countries of Eastern Europe Google have created maps and services of much better quality than other developers. It is a fact. Let's see what has changed in the new version … The interface is in the “poor but neat” style. From the bottom there is a shortcut for tinctures with switching to a satellite view and displaying traffic jams .. “Is that all?” first thought when opening the program. And where are 3D, Street View, Auto navigation, which were told about in the announcement? Everything is there, it just turns on at the right time. Google Maps returned to App Store If you enter the address you are looking for in the search bar, a navigator panel with route options will appear. And when choosing a route, the path will be displayed on the map, as well as direction indicators. Voice prompts will also be connected. Google Maps returned to App Store 3D mode turns on when you zoom in on the map. When several buildings are displayed in the window area, their volumetric projections will grow in place of the outlines of the houses. Competently, and does not clutter up the general view with unnecessary information. Google Maps returned to App Store You can switch to the 3D map view by clicking on the compass icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Well, Street View (viewing the panorama of the streets) is turned on if you click on the selected place and hold your finger for a short time. A hint will pop up below. Google Maps returned to App Store Google Maps, by far the number one map for iPhone. But after using Yandex.Maps. I'm missing the “+” “-” buttons for scaling. You don't always have two fingers free, especially when driving. Install from AppStore

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