Google Play Music – now also on iOS

Google Play Music - now also on iOS In May, the internet giant Google launched its new music service Google Play Music. And six months later, the service became available to users iOS – devices. This week Google introduced iOS – a version of the music service client Google Play Music. The app is already available for download in the online store App Store. Both the free version Google of Play Music and the paid version are available. In the free version of the service, the user can add up to 20 thousand music tracks from computers to Mac, Windows or Linux to his music library and listen to songs on any mobile device or computer, as well as in the Play player on the official website Google. But the paid subscription to Google Play Music All Access, which costs 189 rubles or 9.99 US dollars, provides advanced features. In particular, the user can listen to and add an unlimited number of musical compositions, create their own radio stations and playlists, and skip tracks while listening to the radio. They will also have access to playlists created by music experts Google. Plus, there are no ads in either the paid or free subscription. Let me remind you that the launch of the service took place within the framework of the traditional annual conference Google I / O. And in October, the streaming service Google Play Music started working in Russia.

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