GPS Navigation & Offline Maps is a good choice for free [Free]

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps - хороший выбор за бесплатно [Free]

Good navigators in App Store can be counted on one hand. Even less free. Therefore, the appearance of new programs for iPhone in this category is always an event. Today we are testing a free navigator for iPhone and iPad GPS Navigation & Offline Maps. The application offers offline navigation by countries, settlements and individual streets.

As a car owner, I periodically use navigation programs on iPhone 5s and, in search of the ideal, have repeatedly tested paid and shareware and free applications. I can say one thing about GPS Navigation & Offline Maps – with some preliminary configuration, it can be used …

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps - хороший выбор за бесплатно [Free]

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps - хороший выбор за бесплатно [Free]

The application is not perfect, but it copes with its task, although not quite as we would like and how competitors do it. If we talk about the possibilities, GPS Navigation & Offline Maps does not have enough stars from the sky, you can view a map, plot a route, plan a route by checkpoints, day and night map display modes, 2D and 3D modes, there is a POI (point of interest) base , favorites, Internet services (weather, exchange rates) and the ability to change regional settings.

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps - хороший выбор за бесплатно [Free]

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I cannot say that using the application is convenient, there are a number of serious shortcomings:

  1. the quality of the cards cannot be compared with competitors;
  2. unsuccessful color scheme: the combination of gray shades, 'rotten cherry' and orange eyes is perceived as hostile;
  3. large nesting of the menu: you can't get to the desired function quickly;
  4. there is no numbering of buildings on the map – finding a place without an exact address is not easy (maybe I was looking badly, the function is registered in the settings);
  5. the virtual keyboard is useless: the buttons are very narrow – it will be very difficult for people with thumbs to dial the address; to switch between letters and numbers, as many as 3 tapas are required;
  6. you need to enter the name of the settlement in the language of the country in which it is located: to find a city in Ukraine, you need to enter its name in Ukrainian.
  7. no auto-rotate of the camera for movement;
  8. the application crashes when some functions are called (search for an address from contacts in the phone book).

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps has features that are indispensable in certain situations, and the main one is offline navigation.

In the conditions of the CIS countries, on the territory of which Internet connection is not always available or services are still quite expensive, you cannot do without this.

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps - хороший выбор за бесплатно [Free]

If we compare GPS Navigation & Offline Maps with paid competitors, of course, the application allows you to save a lot, the same Navitel with maps of Russia costs 1,790 rubles, but for this money you get the most friendly and high-quality navigation service with detailed updated maps, a convenient interface and a whole set useful functions.

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps - хороший выбор за бесплатно [Free]

For those who do not have problems with connecting iPhone or iPad to the Internet, there is no alternative to the completely free online navigator Yandex.Navigator.

If you cannot afford a paid navigator or your mobile device is not always (when needed) connected to the Internet, GPS Navigation & Offline Maps will do.

The application is not perfect and cannot claim the TOP App Store, but it still has minimal navigation options.

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