GPS Tracker – real-time route tracking [Free]

GPS Tracker - real-time route tracking [Free]

GPS Tracker is a program that allows you to track the movement of your iPhone and displays the path of its movement. Moreover, all the information is available on the Internet in real time on the developer's website.

The application has several areas of application. With its help, you can follow the route iOS – of the device or record your track for further analysis. Unlike the famous Find My Phone application, this program not only shows the current location of the device, but also draws a route.

GPS Tracker - real-time route tracking [Free]

After installing the program on iPhone, you need to register on the website and gain access to your personal section. From here you will be able to monitor your device.

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You can also regularly send your location to another device so that your relatives don't worry. To do this, you specify the individual number of the receiving device, specify the time interval with which the coordinates are sent, and also specify the buffer size.

GPS Tracker - real-time route tracking [Free]

Tracks can then be easily uploaded in CSV or KML format for further viewing in any navigator program.

Advantages of GPS Tracker:

  • extremely small volume (0.1 MB),
  • low price ($ 0),
  • simplicity of the interface. Anyone can figure it out.
  • the authors note that the tracker will work from one battery charge from five hours. It's a good time.

Of the minuses, perhaps only the lack of functionality should be noted. I would like more ways to share tracks with friends. Tight integration with social media would be welcome too.

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