Grand theft auto iii

Grand theft auto iii A game that has become the mother of a new genre. Every bespectacled nerd can try himself in the role of a thug thug. It is necessary to maintain order in the area, do what the brigadier asks, and not make many enemies at once. Almost like in life. This GTA has collected millions of fans. The teachers, as usual, are against it, and in some places they even tried to ban the game. It appeared on computers ten years ago, and only now on iPhone. A bit late, as there are already a lot of similar toys on the platform. They are significantly ahead of their parent in the AppStore: Payback, the Gangstar series is of course 9mm. All these games are like GTA. Exactly how. And sometimes I want to return to the classics. It is like a favorite book, you can leaf through and just look at the pictures. Grand theft auto iii Grand theft auto iii Grand theft auto iii Install from AppStore

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