Graphing Calculator +: for solving the toughest math problems

Graphing Calculator +: for solving the toughest math problems

Unfortunately, there aren't many hardcore applications for mathematicians, engineers and physicists in the vast bins of the AppStore. Of course, there are a great many good calculator programs for solving simple math problems for iPhone, but what if you need to plot a complex graph of a mathematical function to solve a logarithmic equation? The answer is to use the versatile Graphing Calculator + math application, which combines the functions of 5 complex calculators.

What math actions are available to Graphing Calculator + users? Using the tools of the program, you can build graphs of equations of different levels of complexity – both conventional (y (x) and x (y)), and implicit, parametric and polar mathematical functions. Those who are forced by duty or study to deal with the construction of the most complex graphs can easily search for the roots and values ​​of functions, curvatures, derivatives, inflection points, intersections and extrema in just a couple of minutes. The program can also omit parentheses for easier calculation of complex equations using sine and cosine functions.

Graphing Calculator +: for solving the toughest math problems

The functions of the program interface are also quite numerous:

1) Ability to build a large number of graphs on one screen

2) Support input of function parameters via keyboard

3) Zoom of the plotted elements of the graph and free movement on it

4) Support for numerous mathematical functions (full listing on the official page of the program on the iTunes website)

5) The resulting graph can be photographed and sent by e-mail

Graphing Calculator +: for solving the toughest math problems

Verdict: a kind of unique and specific application that will make life much easier for those students and mathematicians who have to deal with higher algebra and complex graphic calculations.


Current version: 1.0

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.0.

Download ipa file: Graphing Calculator Install from AppStore

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