Greenlamp – Mobile Dating [Free]

Greenlamp - Mobile Dating [Free] This program is not another version of the dating site under iPhone. The developers have tried to create a new service according to new principles. What are the search criteria on traditional dating sites – parameters of height, weight and age. In the Greenlamp app, the focus is on the user's location. You can find a person next to you, who is now sitting at a nearby table, in the same cafe where you are. Or drives a car along the same road. Greenlamp - Mobile Dating [Free] One of the main features of the program is that it is always with you on your phone. All important events receive push notifications. After registration, you must enter your data and select a status. You can also take a photo for your avatar and even create a photo gallery. For users iPhone, where the camera is built into the phone, this is not difficult to do. The “People” section contains the users closest to you. By clicking on the avatar, you can get more information and see the available photos. You can also write a personal message here. If your modesty does not allow you to start communication first, you can add sympathy to the one that interests you. Greenlamp - Mobile Dating [Free] “Places” are places in the city that are popular with users: cafes, clubs, exhibitions. You can see who is there now and who was there recently. The list can be sorted both by proximity to you and by the popularity of the place. All recent actions, last registered and added photos of users can be viewed in the “Events” section. The program is freely installed from App Store and while all search services are free. Install from AppStore

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