GroupShot: Group Photo Editor at iPhone

GroupShot: Group Photo Editor at iPhone In group photos, the hardest part is choosing the best take. On one, someone's eyes are closed, on the other – he turned away, on the third – he fell out of the frame … With the GroupShot application, you can forget about these problems: with its help, several unsuccessful pictures can be turned into one excellent one, where everything turned out in the best possible way . How it's done? Launch the application, choose to take a series of new photos or choose ready-made ones from the gallery. The program will ask you to mark the most successful take. In this image, use your finger to paint over the areas that work best in other images in the series, for example, someone's face with an unfortunate grimace. Then on the right, select the photo where this face is much better. GroupShot will do the rest for you. This way you can correct as many areas of the image as you like. Do not forget to save the result, or send the finished photo to Facebook, Twitter or by email. GroupShot: Group Photo Editor at iPhoneGroupShot: Group Photo Editor at iPhone To practice editing photos, you can launch a tutorial video on the main page of the application by clicking the “Play” button. Here, an example of a finished series of photos shows how to work with the application. GroupShot: Group Photo Editor at iPhone GroupShot is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on firmware iOS 4.0 and higher, app price – $ 1.99 Install from AppStore

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