GTA Vice City – the classic returns

GTA Vice City - the classic returns GTA Vice City - the classic returns Since last year, Rockstar Games has started porting its older games to iOS devices. The turn came to the legendary game GTA Vice City, just on the eve of its 10th anniversary. The game has been completely transferred from the computer version. Vice City is the prototype of the city of Miami, always sunny and fun. The game was based on a gangster story. GTA Vice City - the classic returns When porting, the game did not undergo any changes in its plot. Recall that you have to play for the gangster Tommy Vercetti. In addition, the game has Russian subtitles, and the entire interface is made in our language. The only thing Rockstar has done is to provide a favor for the players. Now, if you fail a mission, you don't have to drive around the city, you will start from where you failed. Game control, the developers also did not change. And while driving, you will listen to popular hits of the 80s. GTA Vice City - the classic returns GTA Vice City - the classic returns On the game screen, you will see, as in the computer version, health information, clock, selected weapon, wanted level, player's budget and minimap. To view the entire map, double-tap the radar. The graphics of the game have undergone a number of changes during the transfer. Now, unfortunately, she is not so bright with her beauty. This is due to the weak characteristics of mobile devices. To achieve a smooth picture, I had to reduce the distance of drawing objects. GTA Vice City - the classic returns As in GTA 3, in this version you can flexibly adjust the game control for yourself. This can be done in Pause – Settings – Control. This time, the developers have added support for saving to iCloud to the game. Most surprisingly, even owners of iPhone 3GS will be able to play the game. The game is universal for all iOS devices. Costs $ 4.99.

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