Gvidi – guide number one [Free]

Gvidi - guide number one [Free] Gvidi - guide number one [Free] Gvidi is a guide to restaurants, cafes and bars in Russia and the CIS. Unlike similar services, Gvidi really has a huge number of establishments. And the program is not limited by the framework of the CIS. For example, already now you can find a lot of information on institutions in the resorts of Thailand. Moreover, with live reviews and photos. And every day there is more and more information. By determining your location, the application for iPhone will offer a list of objects in the immediate vicinity. The sort order and search radius can be set in the filter settings. This way you can show the most expensive restaurants or the ones with the highest rating first. Gvidi - guide number one [Free] A very convenient ability to view all objects on the map. When you can immediately see which side this or that cafe is. And if you wish, the program will route there from your location. Gvidi - guide number one [Free] For each establishment, you can get detailed information: availability of wi-fi, smoking areas, discounts, etc. In addition, it is possible to leave your rating and feedback about each institution and add photos. Gvidi - guide number one [Free] But that's not all. Thanks to the connection of social networks Vkontakte and Facebook, the application has also become a social service. You can see which cafes, bars and restaurants your friends visit. What they like and dislike. Where are they going and discuss all this here. As I wrote at the beginning, the application is constantly evolving and largely thanks to users. Install from AppStore

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