Hang up – 100% privacy protection for iPhone

Hang up - 100% privacy protection for iPhone If your iPhone or iPad is often in the wrong hands and you have something to hide from prying eyes, the “Put the Phone Down” program will definitely come in handy. The application is designed to reliably protect your private information (photos, videos, notes, contacts) from access by third parties and does it very, very efficiently, the rating in App Store speaks for itself. Hang up - 100% privacy protection for iPhone Put the Phone down is a kind of private information manager that allows you to hide private photos, videos, notes and contacts from prying eyes. It should be noted that the protection of information in the application is organized at the maximum level: combination lock, security code, multilock, Touch ID. The only caveat: in order to hide the necessary information from prying eyes, it must be imported from the device's memory (photo album, notes or phone book) into the application itself and deleted from the source. The developers assure that all data from the application can be retrieved at any time. Hang up - 100% privacy protection for iPhone The possibilities of the application are impressive: you can create an endless number of albums for photos and videos, notes, create or import individual contacts from the phone book, assign a simple 4-digit password to open the application, create a lock, use a fingerprint scanner or multilock. All data saved in the application will be reliably protected. Hang up - 100% privacy protection for iPhone In case someone tries to access the contents of the safe without your knowledge, the application will automatically take a photo of it (the function is activated in the application settings) and save the device's location during jailbreaking. Access to authorization and hacking sessions is available from the application in its settings. Hang up - 100% privacy protection for iPhone If strangers have access to your iPhone or iPad, from whom you have something to hide (personal spicy photos, notes, contacts), but you want to have constant access to them, “Put the phone down ”Will help you with this. For just 62 rubles you get a powerful tool for protecting private information, albeit not perfect (the process of transferring information from the device's memory to the application is quite routine), but very, very effective. You can, of course, do without it, but then you should take care not to transfer the device into the wrong hands. For our part, we recommend the application for use, because you never know when and in what situation it will come in handy.

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