HDR Artist: High Resolution Photo Images

HDR Artist: High Resolution Photo Images

Have you long dreamed of a professional HDR camera? Then you should definitely buy the HDR Artist application, which allows even ordinary photos taken with a 'soap dish' to give gloss and create on their basis high-resolution photo masterpieces of excellent quality.

This application, of course, has a lot of competitors, but not all of them are capable of creating a high-quality image with HDR effect from a simple file in JPG (or in any other popular format). In addition, there are many other tricks in the HDR Artist's arsenal that are beyond the power of most photo editors for iPhone.

For example, using HDR Artist tools, dark or cloudy photographs can be 'highlighted' using unique pixel-art digitizing and coloring technology. Pixel by pixel, your old photo will be transformed into a stunning photo that will not be ashamed to be printed and framed. The program can also apply various filters to remove graininess, flash glare or red-eye.

HDR Artist: High Resolution Photo Images

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Photo editing is available in high-speed mode, the process of processing images takes very little time, and the program interface is more than clear, even if you are far from the profession of a photographer.

The resulting photos in HDR resolution can be shared with friends online by email, photo hosting or social networks Facebook and Twitter. Your Flickr Albums / Facebook can now be imported into the HDR Artist App in its updated 1.1.

HDR Artist: Photo High Resolution Images

Users get a professional mobile photo editor for reviving old photos or processing low-resolution images.

Developer: Union Well Limited

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires at least iOS 4.0.

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