Hide N seek – eight bit hide and seek

Hide N seek - eight bit hide and seek Today I propose to draw your attention to the application for iPhone 'HideNseek', which will allow you to immerse yourself in the now fashionable eight-bit world. To be more precise, HideNseek is a very funny mini-game in which you are given the opportunity to play hide and seek with your friends, acquaintances, or even just a random player online. Also, if you do not have the opportunity to connect to the network, then the game offers you the second option – you can build your own location for future 'battles' so to speak. Hide N seek - eight bit hide and seek Hide N seek - eight bit hide and seek I would like to say a little more about the online game. The game has its own algorithm for the development of events, namely: from everyone who wants to play (and there can be up to 24 people at the same time, moreover, you can type several such 'teams', and all this thanks to the support of World Wide, which allows you play with players from different parts of the globe) the application chooses one presenter who is looking for everyone else. When one of the players is found, he becomes the leader and looks for the rest. It's simple, the rules are known to each of us from childhood! 🙂 Hide N seek - eight bit hide and seek As for the control process, then again there is nothing complicated: the touch joystick is on the right or on the left (depending on the 'left-handed' or 'right-handed' mode you have chosen), the rest of the commands, for example, jump – double tap on the screen. There will definitely not be any problems here. Hide N seek - eight bit hide and seek And, the schedule deserves special attention. I don’t know about you, but I’m already fed up with this, one might say, omnipresent eight-bit. Since not only eyes get tired of it, but also disorientation occurs in space, although for a game with such a genre as in HideNseek, this is more a plus than a minus. But, nevertheless, you can say a few pleasant words to the application designers. Firstly, even in eight-bit, shadows are worked out, which creates a pleasant impression. Secondly, the graphics are quite soft and react quickly to changes (for example, if the player needs to look around). Hide N seek - eight bit hide and seek The HideNseek application is perfect not only for fans of the famous 'MineCraft', but also for a simple user iPhone it will be interesting to play eight-bit hide and seek.

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