Highlights of the day: “Democracy” and “Party Line” [Free]

Games on the topic of the day:  Today I will tell you about two outstanding games for iPhone that appeared in the AppStore on the wave of political activity in our country. These are the games Democracy and the Party line, which are a highly modified and complicated, but so dear to all game “Three in a row”. In contrast to the good old “Three in a row” in Democracy and the Party line, elements of strategy and rather caustic satire appeared, which is aimed both at the current government and politics in the country, and at you and me “ordinary voters”. So, let’s in order, entering the game, we see in front of us a field of six by six cells with randomly placed figures, and here the similarities between Democracy and the Party line end. On the one hand, we see all of us well-known sheep (voters), the president, the patriarch and even girls in colored masks (until the recent update, instead of the patriarch, there was a tall politician-businessman). On the other hand, the leaders of the proletariat are Stalin, Lenin, Brezhnev, Gorbachev and some others.


Games on the topic of the day:  The loading screen of the Democracy game greets us with the inscription 'ballots are being dropped', and then we get to the menu of the game itself. In it, we see one single game mode, and the task in it is to place identical figures next to each other, and from three or more identical ones, new figures are obtained. Games on the topic of the day:  Games on the topic of the day:  The game can be said to be endless, there is no ultimate goal (if only the creation of the most complex figures). As you play, you can earn 'jars of glory', they mark certain successes, for example, in the latest version, you get the first jar for collecting 700 gold in one move, and this is a jar with a cake, numbers 60 and a joking inscription. Games on the topic of the day:  Also in the game there is an opportunity to ask the 'Blogger' for help, he is able to move any piece on the board to another free cell. And of course, the game has an in-app purchases store. There you can acquire various things, ranging from missing figures to completely real, material T-shirts with the characters of the game. Games on the topic of the day:  Games on the topic of the day:  Install from AppStore

Party line

Games on the topic of the day:  And the Party line meets us with 'repressions' and provides us with the opportunity to play three types of games at once – these are classics (those same three in a row, only with famous faces and more complex mechanics), party races (and here you need to complete tasks and level by level advance to the Kremlin), and a career (the same as in the game Democracy, only the politicians are different). Games on the topic of the day:  Games on the topic of the day:  Games on the topic of the day:  Games on the topic of the day:  Unlike Democracy, there is no store here, and it is not needed, and there are no 'jars of glory', but in future updates, both will probably be added. Both games will bring hours and hours of fun to IPhone owners with IOS at least 4.0, and most importantly, both games are free in App Store. Install from AppStore

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