Hockey 2015 – the new life of table hockey [Free]

Hockey 2015 - the new life of table hockey [Free] Here is one of those games, which is an excellent confirmation that happiness is not in the graphics, but the atmosphere and drive are sometimes more important than the advanced gameplay and soundtrack written by the eminent composer. The main thing in hockey 2015 is the excitement with which the player is imbued, the drive and ease of the gameplay. Interestingly, in hockey 2015 for iPhone you are prompted to start playing immediately after launch – without any settings and other things. Moreover, the fight does not take place between the player and the computer character, but the user himself can simultaneously control the players of both teams. The game itself is made in the form of classic table hockey, and has nothing to do with newfangled first-person role-playing action games. Hockey 2015 - the new life of table hockey [Free]Hockey 2015 - the new life of table hockey [Free] Out of habit, I hit the goal with the puck in the first few seconds of the game – nevertheless, the controls in hockey 2015 are not quite ordinary and will take a little getting used to. But, after a few minutes of active play, you can fully enjoy the process of confrontation on the ice. In hockey 2015, although you control any player from both teams, they move as if by inertia, which creates an interesting effect when, after a sharp blow, the hockey players chase the puck and 'play along' with you, sometimes quite successfully hitting the goal. After each hammered puck, on a small TV-screen, you can watch a recording of how it all happened and enjoy the moment again. Hockey 2015 - the new life of table hockey [Free] The description of the game in the Appstore says that this is a special edition dedicated to the Ice Hockey World Championship 2015, which took place in May this year in the Czech Republic. In the process of passing hockey 2015, you will have access to 6 teams and more than a hundred different players that will open up as you progress to the tournament. With a simple gameplay, virtually no storyline, and a clear 'specialization', hockey 2015 is nevertheless capable of captivating players of almost any age as an excellent time killer that captivates from the first minute after launch.

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