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Home Legal Encyclopedia - Be Informed! [Free] The home legal encyclopedia is an excellent reference book and simply irreplaceable thing for every modern person. But let's get an idea of ​​what this guide will look like – imagination immediately draws a thick book of 100,500 pages, written in the smallest font imaginable! Fortunately, App Store is also very useful for us and offers our attention an application for iPhone “DPE” or “Home Legal Encyclopedia”. The application will be useful both for people engaged in business who simply need to have such a guide at hand, and for ordinary citizens who are in no way related to the legal field. Also a huge plus is that the DPE contains many sections and subsections in almost every category of legal knowledge, be it questions to follow, or issues related to civil law relations. First of all, it is worth dwelling in detail on the large selection of categories that the application offers. This includes 12 sections: State section, civil law section, educational, military, medical, tax and others. The selection menu appears immediately after starting the application. Home Legal Encyclopedia - Be Informed! [Free] We select the necessary category (for example, Cars) and move to a certain submenu, where it will be necessary to select a specific category of interest. Home Legal Encyclopedia - Be Informed! [Free] We select (for example, the types of vehicles) and we are presented with material on this issue, which contains all kinds of explanations, as well as links to sites where the patient is presented with detailed information. Very convenient and easy to use. Home Legal Encyclopedia - Be Informed! [Free] There are also search and favorites buttons on the bottom panel of the main menu. Let's say that we do not know in which category to search for the information we are interested in. To solve the situation, you can use the search and the application will immediately move to the desired page. Home Legal Encyclopedia - Be Informed! [Free] Home Legal Encyclopedia - Be Informed! [Free] The history of requests is also provided, so that you can always return to the topic that interests you. Home legal encyclopedia - stay informed! [Free] Or transfer it to your favorites. Stay up to date with DPE and iPhone.

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