Homeless: Life Simulator – Tamagotchi for iPhone [unexpected hit]

To get to the first line of Russian App Store you need somewhere between 20,000 – 30,000 app downloads per day. With a price of 33 rubles and a week in the top, you can calculate how financially successful the game turned out to be. Despite the fact that apart from the idea, everything else is badly done here. But 20,000 people a day cannot be wrong 🙂

Homeless person: Life simulator – classic tamagotchi for iPhone from the domestic indie developer Roman Okulevich. For the idea to the creator +, let's understand the implementation.

Immediately after starting the game, beginners may get confused, it is not clear what needs to be done, how to do it and in what period of time it is necessary to do all this. A couple of minutes of playing time and you are like a fish entering, fingers themselves know when and where to tap to perform this or that action.

Homeless: Life Simulator - Tamagotchi for iPhone [unexpected hit]

Globally speaking, the Bum is no different from the highly popular Tamagotchi in their time (in the late 90s).

A small toy offered to take on the role of a guardian for a virtual pet: feed, walk, entertain, etc. In 2014, the situation changed a little, but not dramatically: today, you are in control of the life of not a pet, but a living person without a definite place of residence.

The game begins with a 16-year-old virtual homeless person and with 1,000 Russian rubles in a leaky pocket. At this stage of your life, all you can do is: take pills from the trash heap, eat in the trash heap or in the cemetery, relax in the park, absorb beer and vodka, look for empty bottles in garbage dumps, in the yards, near the store – not life, but a fairy tale !

Homeless: Life Simulator - Tamagotchi for iPhone [unexpected hit]

The physical and moral condition of the ward is determined by 3 characteristics: the level of health, happiness and the degree of hunger. The icons are not signed, so you have to figure out what and where yourself. As soon as any of the parameters reaches zero, you have one conditional week to restore it.

You can restore health, happiness and get food by performing certain actions, the set is limited, there is no freedom of choice, only what the developer had enough imagination for. For example, to improve health, you can look for pills in the trash heap, get treatment from a healer, play sports, go jogging, or pull up on a horizontal bar.

To eat, you will first have to look for food in the same garbage dump; with age and increased income, you can afford to go to a restaurant (it is not cheap – 7,000 rubles). You can become happier with a glass of beer or a bottle of vodka, or just relaxing in the park.

Homeless: Life Simulator - Tamagotchi for iPhone [unexpected hit]
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Each of the 3 characteristics is interconnected with two others: in order to improve health with pills from the trash heap, you will have to pay off with the degree of hunger and the level of happiness; it will be possible to improve morale only if you lose your health, etc.

The main task in Bomzh is to make real money, 2 currencies are available: rubles and dollars.

At the initial stage, you can make money in only one way: rummaging around in the trash heap, in the yards or at the store in search of empty bottles, which can then be returned and received a monetary reward.

As soon as you can afford to improve your education (3 classes cost 500 rubles), additional opportunities open up: you can afford shoes, sleep under a bridge, and not on a bench, they will even take revenge on the courts, for which they will pay with real “coin” not bottles.

The most important menu is in the lower right corner, it displays your status:

  • senior bum,
  • owner of your own business,
  • landlord,
  • the leader of his own gang,
  • presidential candidate, this is Roman's fantasy: from homeless to president.
Homeless: Life Simulator - Tamagotchi for iPhone [unexpected hit]

The game interface is as simple as possible: minimum graphics, maximum text. The menu is completely Russified, modern jargon is used (I have not met mat). It would be easier to add captions to the shell elements and sort it out at the start.

The music was upset, the developer was not enough for anything except classical background music. Maybe it is right, there is no need to be distracted from the process, life is boiling too violently, but it was still possible to pick up something more interesting.

Not only is the game distributed for money, namely for 33 rubles, Roma did not disdain by in-game purchases – bum packages at the price of hits from App Store.

Homeless: Life Simulator - Tamagotchi for iPhone [unexpected hit]

Personally, I was surprised that the Bum got into the TOP of paid applications, and even took the first line there, and this with a rating of only 3 stars.

Apparently the history of Flappy Bird repeats itself. If you like social simulators and are nostalgic for the 1996 Tamagotchi, you will like the Bum, the game for 1 time: minimum brain work, maximum chaotic finger movements. In the first 10 minutes of the game, I managed to live 2 years, finish 7 classes of education, buy a skateboard and become a senior bum, accept the challenge!

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