an ambulance for a tourist an ambulance for a tourist Independent travel is trending again today. Which, in principle, is not surprising at all – planning a trip and parallel visualization of pleasant moments in an era of oversaturation of the tourism sector has become even more valuable. However, a novice tourist, while organizing a vacation, faces a number of questions … a) where to stay: in a hotel, in a hostel or in an apartment; b) how to save time searching for a placement; c) how to choose a reliable portal for booking. In addition, many portals for booking hotels raise doubts about the privacy of the user's personal data. Others immediately write off money for accommodation or block funds on the card. And third, they are developed in a language that is incomprehensible to the user. Finding a website adapted for booking with iPad seems like a mystery. In March 2014, presented its solution to these problems – an application for online booking of hotels with iPad, the first from Russian developers. From now on, searching and booking hotels with iPad will become accessible and convenient for every user. You can download and install the application here.

About the app

The service bases include 350 thousand hotels from all over the world. There is also data on domestic hotels, so using the application you can plan trips around Russia. Payment for the reservation (if it is charged immediately) goes directly to the hotel, and does not 'go through' an extra circle – you can not worry about the safety of funds. In 90% of cases, accommodation is paid upon check-in, at the hotel itself. At the same time, the application is free and does not charge commissions for bookings made. Available in Russian and English versions.

Quick Start Guide

On the main page, you should indicate the city in which you want to find a hotel, the date and number of people who want to stay in the room. an ambulance for a tourist By the way, authorization on the site is also possible through social networks. an ambulance for a tourist Choosing, for example, the 'eternal city', we get a list of hotels in Rome. The cost of the hotel in alternative search engines is highlighted in red. And the application itself, by default, gives the most favorable prices for accommodation, analyzing the data of 5 booking systems. an ambulance for a tourist To choose from an impressive list of hotels, you can set fairly detailed filters: cost, location relative to the city center, number of stars, hotel type (hostel, mini-hotel, apartments, etc.), a set of additional services (parking, fitness, Wi- Fi, etc.) and type of payment (with credit card details, no credit card details and free cancellation). an ambulance for a tourist The option 'show all hotels in the city on the map' is also available. This is true for those who choose places closer to the center and attractions, or, conversely, for those who prefer to relax after walking in noisy areas in quiet sleeping places. an ambulance for a tourist By clicking on any hotel, we can get complete data about each hotel + photos of interiors + reviews of tourists. At the same time, the main list remains on the left, without interfering with reading information about a specific hotel. an ambulance for a tourist Having decided on a suitable hotel, you can see how many rooms are available for the required date. an ambulance for a tourist Hotel booking takes a few minutes on average. Vouchers confirming the reservation are sent by mail and saved in the tablet, the issue of printing is no longer necessary. The authors of the application guarantee the safety of the data entered when paying. However, those who are especially worried about their safety can choose hotels that do not require a CVC code on the back of a bank card.

Additional 'bonuses' of the application:

– Search for hotels closest to the user and display them on the map. It will appeal to those who usually book hotels upon arrival in the city. – An app guide designed specifically for the 'pioneers' of the service. It will allow new users not to get lost in the capabilities of the service. – Ability to add your favorite hotels to the 'Favorites'. You can view hotel data in bookmarks even without an Internet connection. – Switching currency types for easy settlement. – Filter by hotels without credit card payment. As for the interface, you can see that the pleasant appearance of the booking windows evokes pleasant associations. The background landscapes set you in a positive mood, and you want to start your journey as soon as possible! Conclusion: the application is useful and designed with the maximum consideration of the requirements of the audience. The booking process is fast and straightforward, and the prices found seem to only increase loyalty to the service. With iPad – with the application, the process of organizing leisure and business trips ceases to be seen as an overwhelming task.

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