How to block contacts on Viber

Viber is firmly entrenched in the lives of many people. This application allows you to make calls and write messages using the Internet, which is more convenient and cheaper than doing it through a SIM card. But, there are times when some user, whom you don't even know, starts calling endlessly, writing messages, or somehow being active. For such cases, the application provides the ability to block any contact.

  1. To do this, go to Viber and select the 'Contacts' item on the bottom menu.
  2. How to block contacts on Viber

  3. Then we click on the one that brings inconvenience. In the upper right corner there is a pencil icon, clicking on which takes us to the contact editing menu.
  4. How to block contacts on Viber

  5. We go to it and at the very bottom select the item 'Block contact'.

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How to block contacts on Viber

After these simple actions, the annoying user will no longer be able to write or call you. If the contact was blocked by accident or you just needed to unblock it, then we do all these actions again, only at the end there will be an inscription already 'Unblock contact'.

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