How to replace Siri with Alice in iPhone

Can I change Siri to Alice from Yandex to iPhone? How and what needs to be done for this will be discussed in this article.

The latest Yandex developments cause users of gadgets from Apple to ask how to enable voice assistant Alice on iPhone? Is it possible to replace Siri with Alice and how to do it will be discussed further.

Alice on iPhone: how to replace Siri with Alice

How to download and install on iOS

To put Alice on iPhone and use her instead of Siri, you need to download the Yandex browser.

To install:

  1. Open and search for 'Yandex Alice' or 'Yandex Browser'.
  2. Click 'Download' and confirm this with a password if required.
  3. Wait 1-1.5 minutes for the program to download to your phone. The installation time depends on the quality of your internet.
  4. After completing the process directly from Apple Store, the browser is launched by clicking the 'Open' button.

The browser is installed and you can already start chatting.

alice on iphone

Add to home screen instead of Siri

You cannot make Alice start immediately and by default instead of Siri, since the Yandex voice assistant is launched by default by opening a browser. Until it is open, the assistant will not respond.

To make it easier to work with this assistant on iPhone, you need to add the Yandex widget to the home screen:

  1. Swipe all the home screen pages with app icons to the right to reach the widget page.
  2. Scroll down this page and click 'Edit'.
  3. A list of widgets already installed and available for adding will open.
  4. Select 'Yandex: Today' (or 'Yandex: Today') and click the plus sign in front of it.
  5. By clicking on the list icon in front of the browser, drag it to the top of the list of already installed widgets.
  6. Now, to launch Yandex Assistant, it is enough to unlock the phone and launch the Yandex browser on the main screen.
how to replace siri with alice

Voice activation

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You can activate Alice by pressing the microphone icon (or the purple button of the voice assistant) in the Yandex search engine or by voice.

To enable voice activation of the assistant, enable the 'voice activation' function in the Yandex browser settings. There should be a 'check mark' in front of it.

When this function is active and the browser is open, the assistant will be launched in response to the following commands:

  • 'Hi Alisa!';
  • 'Listen, Alice.'
how to put alice instead of siri


Close Yandex.

If, using this browser, you do not want it to react to your voice, then you need to perform the opposite operation to the one you did in the previous paragraph. Go to settings and uncheck the box in front of the item 'voice activation'.

alice instead of siri


Removing the voice assistant from Yandex from iPhone occurs by completely removing the browser.

You need to do the following:

  1. Find the Yandex icon on the home screen.
  2. Press on it and hold for 2 seconds until a 'cross' appears next to it and the icons start to rattle.
  3. Click on the 'cross' and confirm the deletion.

Alice is now removed.

How to make Alice work on iPhone

The following video describes in detail how to install and run Alice instead of Siri:

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